4 years ago, when there was a lack of affordable pano heads in the market, I took up the challenge and mission to develop my Nodal Ninja SPH-1, a metal spherical pano head targeted for US$99.95. At that time, I knew little about pano head design and industrial manufacturing but I never stopped my dream to design and manufacture state- of-art pano heads that satisfy the most demanding users. My company was given a name Fanotec that stands for "Fan Of Technology". During the past 4 years, I strive to acquire the knowledge and capability to fulfill my dream. I listen to countless suggestions and feedback from customers and forum members. As a result, Nodal Ninja SPH-1 was improved to the current Nodal Ninja 3II and Nodal Ninja 5 was released to support the larger cameras.

Now I am proud to announce development of my top of line products which can live up with the name Fanotec. They are the next generation Nodal Ninjas, the Nodal Ninja Ultimate's. The Ultimate's are all based on the industry's renowned Arca Swiss compatible system for maximum versatility. They are all precision CNC machined from quality aluminum and anodized.

There will be at least 3 models:

*One for batch stitching,

*One for maximum portability and simplicity by using a lens ring design,

*One for versatility and functionality that go beyond a pano head.

Lens ring model consists of a universal platform with preset tilt angles and lens ring made for each lens. The lens ring and the platform are joined by a Arca Swiss style quick release system. The tilt angles are -15, -10, -7.5, -2.5, 0, +5, +7.5, +10, and +12.5 degrees. They can be interchanged easily. Other variable tilt angles and off-set +/-90 deg (rotation off-set from NPP) are also supported. The rotator base is the new advanced rotator (Rotator D4) with 4 detent intervals. The intervals are 2,3,4,6 stops. There is a panning lock to stop rotator from unwanted rotation.
All popular fisheye lens will be supported. The model for Sigma 8mm and Nikon 10.5mm are scheduled to release in September/ October 2008. Other models will follow shortly.

The other 2 Ultimate models will be available later 2008 or early 2009. Their designs are being refined and functions added for maximum versatility.

We're looking for names on our new upcoming products and seeking the input from our customers. If you have a good idea for a product name please let us know and if your name is selected you will win that item. The 3 models will all share the parent name, Nodal Ninja Ultimate. So they will be called "Nodal Ninja Ultimate XXXX".

* All ideas on products names must be shared in this thread or poll.
* The product name cannot already be under consideration.
* The author of select product name releases all interest to that name.
* Compensation will be in exchange for a retail version of the product being named which may or may not include added accessories.
* The manufacturer will select the name they feel best suited for the product.
* Winners will be notified my email.
* The poll is for others to vote an what they feel is the best name.
* Deadline for helping us to name product is on 30 Sept. 08 for the lens ring model and 31 Oct. 08 for other 2 models.

Names already under consideration:
Nodal Ninja Ultimate = NNUL
NNUL "Precision"
NNUL "Professional"
NNUL "Ring"
NNUL "Mobile"
NNUL "Elite"
For these and other names please see our poll.

Thank you and good luck