I live in Paris. I'd like to buy the NN3 package. But I did not fnd any reseller in France .
I work with a D200 and nikkor 10.5mm. I'm a newbie her in panography and did a couple of Spherical panos "in the full manual style" (bare hands and no tripod nor pano head!! and a few dozen others that did not stitch 100%!! I work with PTGUI and recently bought online the new autodesk "stitcher unlimited".
did anyone experience the same trick with both softs: I managed to make a 100% correct sphericla pano with ptgui and tried the same with stitcher and found many distortions and "blurred" spots on the final image (both panos made from the same source files!!!)

thanks for your answers and tips!!
(my site: www.tahitiblues.blogspot.com but no 360¬?panos in it yet!!!)