It has become very apparent many people are upgrading to newer heads and listing older Nodal Ninja's on eBay. More often than not these listings yield a winning bid of more than the original price paid and many times even MORE than current retail prices.
While we always like to see our customers yielding profits in the resale of our products we ask you exercise caution for fear of negative feedback and/or returns.

To the person selling a Nodal Ninja we kindly ask:
* Please do not take images from our website - they are copyrighted and cannot be used without our permission. Doing so is a direct violation of copyright laws and also against eBay policy.
* Make mention that warranties are non-transferable.
* List the exact model you are selling (we have had several).
* If the model is prior to NN3 to make mention these models are discontinued and replacement parts may not be available.
If you provide the above information and contact me direct BEFORE posting we may be able to provide additional information to you (i.e. model number, owners manual, as well as additional photos - just ask us).
In addition, and at a small cost, we "may" be able to provide you with added parts to complete a package or to replace missing or broken items. This only applies to "original" customers that purchased their NN from our website If selling a NN3 MKII we may allow for transference of warranty but you need to contact me direct and before listing (additional terms do apply).

To the person bidding or buying a Nodal Ninja:
* Unless otherwise noted (confirm with me) ONLY authorized distributors/resellers "may" offer limited warranties on used units. This should be mentioned in the listing body.
* If buying from other than an authorized distributor/reseller please realize no warranties are implied.
* Direct support (phone and/or email) is also not available. We would encourage you to channel product questions directly to our forum:
* Models prior to NN3 to include SPH-1's and SPH-2's have been discontinued and parts for these models may not be available.
* If you have any questions about a listing please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

New or used we want every Nodal Ninja owner to be pleased with our product. These heads are obviously standing the test of time and have even shown to be a good investment. Some folks, myself included, like having a spare head on hand so these used heads are a great solution. If you post NN on eBay or elsewhere please feel free to post it here as well to help drive added traffic to your listing.

Final Note - we had some units stolen recently and these may appear on eBay. We are trying to stay vigilant to these listings and hope you would report suspicious listings that advertise new and/or unused.

Thank you,

Bill Bailey
Nodal Ninja
Director Global Sales and Marketing