Okay, I received my NN3 MKII the other day (that was a fast delivery and very nice stuff thx) and have made one 360 panorama with my Canon EOS 30D and a Canon EF-S 10-22 mm. lens at 10 mm, no problems what so ever (made 6 pictures and used Abode Ligthroom v 2.0 and exported directly to the automated panorama function in PS CS3 - this is great).

So the next step will be a 360x180 panorama. I scanned the tutorials on the net and found that I will need to take 2 series of 6 pictures with this camera and lens setup, one on -30 degrees, and one on +30 degrees, is this correct. How do I stitch the pictures together, will the best approach be to make two horizontal 360 panoramas, and the stitch these into the finished 360+180, advise will be appreciated - (Cant find any tutorials dealing with stitching two horizontal series together) thx.