Everyone has been asking about when the new NN5 will be available.
After some last minute production tweaks I'm pleased announce that NN5 will be available for shipping (from the website) approx. Sept.8th but a very good chance it will ship sooner.
The initial supply will be VERY limited - first orders in will be first orders out.
The biggest improvement over NN5L is that NN5 incorporates a unique upper rotator locking system that allows the upper arm to lock into place every 15 degrees. These locks can be disengaged on-the-fly without having to remove the camera - very handy. Also, and because of the positive locking system, the weight limits increase to approx 10kgs (22lbs).
To place your pre-order now (and see some photos) please visit: http://store.nodalninja.com/product_p/n5-pkg.htm.
NN5 Package will retail on the website for $449.95.
This is for orders originating from the website only. Please contact your local distributor for product availability.


NOTE: This is NOT the NN5L-NN5 upgrade - those with older NN5L waiting to upgrade to NN5 unfortunately need to wait another couple months.