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    Made a trip out into the Arizona desert and did some work.

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    what gear did you use?


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    Quote Originally Posted by nick fan View Post
    what gear did you use?
    D700 full frame using battery grip w/ 10.5mm Nikkor on a NN5.
    Comfortable setup and smooth operation on the NN5 - it works well in the heat. Had to leave the desert early so only got a couple panos in - the temps reached about 100+F (38C) at 10am and the camera and tripod was getting hot to the touch - not to mention me
    Using gear under extreme temps calls for special attention. I shot some desert stuff last year - 115F (46C) - you MUST keep everything in the shade (covers, umbrellas and hats) and limit direct sun exposure to a little as possible. The D700 is suggested not to use above 104F (40C).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Ninja
    Ha Ha, Bill's been up to his Birdy tricks once again . Looks good
    Bill, what are you using to create your Quicktime movies? The auto-rotation is very annoying as it constantly fights you when you wish to manually pan. Pleinpot? Maybe Pano2VR?
    Pano2VR does a much better job with auto-rotation, try the delay option.
    Aussie Ninja
    Dang - hard to fool a keen eye
    Really did have a hawk flying overhead - just wasn't in the pano shot. Didn't do too bad a job in adding it though right? Here's another shot of the hawk:

    Using Pano2qtvr - I'll tweak it a bit - I find it annoying as well.

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