Hello Ninja Users,
I shoot with a Nikon D2X and 360 Precision heads, but recently have decided to attempt making panoramas with a more portable set up for those awkward situations. So I've invested in a Nodal Ninja 3 Mk II to use with my portable camera of choice, the Ricoh GR Digital II - with the GW-1 wide converter making it into a 21mm lens. I've spent my first afternoon trying to locate the NNP and think I'm just about there. A few more tests to go yet. Just wondered whether anyone else is using this set-up? Maybe you have some alignment marks? Maybe you want mine?
Must admit, my first reaction is that it feels like going back to all the messing about I had with the old Manfrotto. 360Precision does spoil you. But, I bought it for its compact size and you can't have it all.