Hello @ all.

I use a NN3 and a recently installed MKIII rotator with a Canon 40D with Sigma 8mm and Tokina 10-17 Fisheye.

All fine - BUT:
the vertical arm is much to short.
The camera crashes against the central knob when I try to shoot the Zenith shot.
I turned the camera already so the remote-control shows up and not toward the tripod: no way.

I use the Tokina @ 98mm horizontal setting - as written in the list.
NPP ist not a problem at all.
The MKIII is not that much flater the the original one- unfortunately.

So I want to know:
-Is there a vertical extension available ??
-Will the new rotators be flat enough to turn to the Zenith ?? Altough: this would not solve the Problem, the cam woukd crash against the rail then. So only an extension must be suitable.