I received my N3 MKII last week and after finally realizing I can take the Adapter Screw out of the rotator base I finally got it mounted on my tripod

Question 1
I was reading about the Detent Rings in the forum and I have been playing with the calculator at http://www.frankvanderpol.nl/fov_pan_calc.htm. I am not sure I understand how to translate the calculations into the correct ring.

Here's the values I give it:
Focal Length: 10mm
Size Utilization: 100%
Film/CCD Length: 22.7 (I selected the 30D as the camera and it calculated this)
Film/CCD Width: 15.1
Normal Lens Overlap: 25%
Panorama FOV: 180 deg

That gives me 3.2 pictures in Portrait which sounds very low to me for 180 degrees shooting with 25% overlap.

Question 2
Page 14 of the User Guide explains how to set the upper rail. It states that I should "slide the camera on the upper rail until the NNP of the lens is centered with the upper rotator". I am not sure what NNP is (an explanation for NPP is given previously). What the best alignment for my setup?

Thanks for any advice