Hi guys and gals!

I thought i'd post my very first panorama, except for one of my livingroom trying out my NN5L. It's not very good, if you zoom in on the high resolution copy you can actually see some slight seems. But zoomed out it looks kinda nice.

To tell you a little bit about it. I was out for a walk with my girlfriend a of couple days ago. I insisted on taking my camera and tripod to try to get a shot from a very nice lookout point just two miles from my apartment. The shot shows lake V?§ttern from the city of J??nk??ping in Sweden. The shot is taken in a slightly eastern angle, you can see the sun setting in the east north-east direction.
The shot is actually almost a full 180 degree but due to risk of landslide i was forced to set up my equipment about 15 feet from the edge and even raising the camera as far as the tripod allows (slightly more than 7 feet i would guess) i caught ALOT of grass, air and even more trees to the far left and right which i cropped for this export.
The full image is about 250% higher, about 15% wider and in full resolution 25,8mpix. It was stiched using the auto-create feature of ptassembler.