This is a FAQ.

detent setting for a particular focal length

you need overlap in the images in order to stitch. So you need to know the angle of view of your lens. For making spherical panos, you can use this online calculator
Then, you need to take photos at a constant angular interval 20-40% smaller than the angle of view of your lens.

I have made spreadsheets showing relationship between focal length, detent interval and % overlap.
for full frame sensor
for 1.5x cropped sensor
for 1.6x cropped sensor
for 4/3 sensors
for P&S DCs
look for your focal length in the spreadsheet. read horizontally to find the right detent interval with desired overlap. If no suitable detent available, look for other focal length.
Alternatively, find the detent of your choice, choose a range of % overlap, then get the range of suitable focal length.

For the most popular lens, you just refer to vrwave database. Note that the focal length they use is shortest in the zoom range.

As a beginner, you will find these info helpful.

For making printed panos, please read