Maybe this info is on the site. If so, please direct me to it and accept my appologies for not finding it.

I will be using a D80 with 18-70 lens, probably at 18 unless you folks tell me that i should use other settings.

Getting an 11 - 16 wide angle in a few days/weeks (when the next shipment arrives). I assume I should use the 11 focal length.

So, how do I determine which plate to use?

Related question: Starting out, I'm more interested in a pano that can be printed on standard size paper, not a full virtual shot. So, let's say I want to print the result on an 11 x 14 sheet or 11 x 17. How do I most easily figure out how many shots horizontally and vertically (camera assumed portrait mounted, unless this is not best) and hence which plate?

Hope this is clear ...