Hi there,

I've had my NN for about a year now and to be honest i've yet to produce a perfect 360 panoramic! I always end up with the faint remnants of the NN's arm showing in shot, multiple shadows emanating from the nodal point. They are a nightmare to remove. Either that or there is always one point that refuses to line up perfectly. I have been using a 40D and sigma 8mm 3.5, but the quality was poor so now I have a 5D and 17-40mm f4.

And how do you get that tripod out of the shot?! At the moment i stitch the panoramic 360 jpeg in Stitcher Ulimited, or PTGUI, then I have to convert it to a cubic image, then import the 'base' image into photoshop - where I try to remove the tripod (or give up and put a 'tripod cap' photo over the mess!) then re-import the cubic images back into the software, then re-create the 360 Jpeg then generate an immersive .mov file or flash or Java file using 'Pure Tools'. A very long-winded process.

Does anyone have any advice for me? (apart from to give up!). I am now starting to use the 5D with a 17-40mm lens and was wondering if anyone had any good info on using this set-up? Which indent ring to use when at 17mm and how many snaps to take and at what angles, for the best results?

I have all the software available, PTGui seems to be the best although Stitcher unlimited and autopano are good for creating flat panoramics , but I still haven't found a software program that's good for panoramic 2D images and creating immersive photo's in all main formats...ie flash and java. What do other people recommend for a work flow?

A lot of questions, I know...but i'm really confused and frustrated with all this stuff! Thanks for anyone who's brave enough to try and help )