Just got my NN3MkII today after being stuck in customs for about 3 weeks. I guess the word 'Ninja' in the product name scared them a bit and I had to muster up a 'How To Use' quickie manual to get it cleared.

Anyway, ordeal over, I notice that a couple of parts are missing compared to the photo in the pdf manual and the FAQ. I bought the package deal, N3T30 adaptor, and the EZ-Leveller -
1. My package only has ONE rail-stop whereas the 'Nodal Ninja 3 Package' picture in the pdf manual shows two;
2. FAQ #4 in the manual says extra detent plunger pins are enclosed with every NN3, but I did not get any 'extra'...not that it matters at the moment since all parts are new.

Is the forum the place to appeal to for answers to the above, or should I write direct to ...Thanks in advance for any guidelines/answers.

Thomas Leong
(newbie, haven't bought the camera, etc yet)
Kuala Lumpur