Best Tripod Legs?
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Thread: Best Tripod Legs?

  1. Best Tripod Legs?


    What are some recommended tripod legs for either the Nodal Ninja 5 or 3 (still not sure which one i'm getting) At most support for a D3 style body with a pro lens wight would be needed.

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    I use a NN5 with a Manfrotto 055 ProB and Manfrotto 438 Compact Ball Levelling Head. Its a heavy combination but sturdy as a rock and I trustingly put $5K worth of gear on it without worry.
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    I'll second that configuration. I used a Nikon D300 and 10.5 lens on a NN5 Lite, on top of a Manfrotto 438 compact levelling head, on top of a Manfrotto 055XProB tripod. All very sturdy but as said heavy. But then saying that what is the cost of having something that you feel you can rely on and you know is definitely fit for purpose.

    Bob Bilsland.
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    I also use the manfrotto 055proB but with out a head at all. I do not extend the centre column for panos.
    It is a quite heavy tripod to cart around so the carbon fibre versions are better still though more expensive.

    There is actually little to chose between tripods of this size and weight, they all do an excellent job.
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    I'm very pleased with my Benro A-298 n6 flexpod. It is similar in spec and price as the Manfrotto 055 XPROB but more flexible.

    I looked at the Manfrotto before deciding to buy the Benro. I haven't regretted it and can't imagine a much better tripod for spherical panoramas.

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