Olympus and detent rings.
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Thread: Olympus and detent rings.

  1. Olympus and detent rings.


    Anyone knows the settings for the Olympus E500 with zuiko 7-14 in the ninja 3? I would also like to know the utility of the detent rings, do they work as a precision mechanism? Do you change them according with the lens?
    Thank you.
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    Click on the picture at the top of this page...

    Everything you could want to know is linked to their main web page.

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    NPP for 7-14mm

    fl distance to sensor plane
    7 127.17
    8 124.17
    9 122.17
    10 121.17
    12 122.17
    14 122.17

    sensor plane is marked on the camera body.

    detent setting for a particular focal length

    you need overlap in the images in order to stitch. So you need to know the angle of view of your lens. For making spherical panos, you can use this online calculator
    Then, you need to take photos at a constant angular interval 20-30% smaller than the angle of view of your lens. For the most popular lens, you just refer to vrwave database. Note that the focal length they use is shortest in the zoom range.

    As a beginner, you will find these info helpful.




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    It seems that I would have either to opt for the NN5 or use the t-plate in order to be able to use that lens at 7.
    Thank you.

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