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    2 years ago, I bought a Nodal Ninja SPH2 model. I know will tell me that it is now a vintage piece... but it works just perfect.

    Attached is a spherical image (size reduced !) done with a 40D + sigma 18-50 2.8. 36 shots were necessary.
    Let me know your thoughts. I still have to learn a lot so don't be shy with your criticisms.

    The shots were taken last Sunday....and guess where it is
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    We actually have a several customers still using SPH-1 units. Nodal Ninja is a quality instrument and if treated as such will last many years.
    any clues on location?
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    Quote Originally Posted by saraniel View Post

    The shots were taken last Sunday....and guess where it is ? ?

    Hmm, I thought it looked like my front yard, but I was mistaken :blushing:

    Edmonton, Canada, Eh ?
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    my 2 gueses

    1) Monaco
    2) Beverly Hills

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    Hi Spyboy,

    Closer to Monaco than Beverly Hills

    Basically this is a picture of the Casino of Montreux in Switzerland.
    Montreux is famous for its Jazz festival and this one will start tomorrow for a 2 weeks period.

    Thanks Spyboy for your guesses. It's true that Montreux looks a bit like Monaco (palm trees and water).


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