Hi All,

Firstly I am new to this Panorama and Quicktime VR photography.

I purchased a NN5L and it arrived to other day did some tests yesterday and have varying results, this has generated some questions....

My set up
D200 - MB-D200 Grip (This is why I could not go for the NN3 - did not want grip on/off all the time on my D200's)
Manfrotto 55 Pro
Sigma 10-20mm On 10mm (Want to try others such as my Nikon 17-55mm 2.8 but sticking with one lens for now!)

My technique
I am obviously fixing the aperture (and currently shutter speed for entire pan - would software cope with exposure change in half the images?).
Focus currently on Auto and offset to avoid focus on NN head - Should this be on Manual? (Do you use depth of field to gain max sharpness area?)

If I shoot at 0deg tilt (6 images) I then need to shoot a zenith image and two nadir images 180deg or 90deg out. I took these outside and with a windy day it appeared impossible to stitch with the zenith shot as the clouds had moved? Is this a common problem?

I have also tried shooting 6 images at +60deg up then -30deg or -60deg down but this has not been very successful. (Gaps and problems with clouds in sky)

I have tried bracketing to shoot as HDR but left this for now until pano is perfected.

The most success I have had is an internal church shot taken 8 images at +30deg then 8 images at -30deg then a zenith (roof) image and two nadir (floor) images, In PTGui this was almost perfect, apart from one small misalignment.

I realise that I have several questions here and some answers may be obvious to some (maybe I should know as a semi pro!) but any answers and tips would be greatly appreciated in this exciting new area (for me).