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    Had a chance to use my new NN3II on the ninth of June with a Nikon D200 and a Nikor 10.5mm lens. The NN3II worked just great and very easy operation of 6 around for a 360 and one up for a zenith. On the 360 shots I did tilt the camera down 15 degrees. A fine piece equipment.
    Thanks Nick,

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    Your configuration is very popular and I use the same myself (actually just moved up to the D300).
    Do you put a cap in your panos? We would love to see some of your work.
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    Hi Bill, I will post some of my panos as soon as I become a little more familiar with the software I'm using. How do I post large files on this forum?
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    Hi Lanky,
    You should be able to post images here up to 1650x800 in size - just click the insert image button when replying to or posting a thread. Or you can post a link to your image.

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