I'm thinking of getting an NN but I'm still not clear on a couple of issues. If I pick one up it's for a trip in mid-july, so considering the wait time on shipping I would need to get it right the first time since I won't have to time to exchange / order more parts.

1. what is the weight of the NN5? The product page says "5-7kg without detent rings" but I'm hoping that's supportable mass, not the mass of the device itself.
2. can the NN5 be ordered stand-alone?
3. what is the total clearance of the NN3 and the NN5? That is, longest body+lense length that will fit?
4. does the NN3 not have detent rings smaller than 15 due to technical limitations? ( a 100mm lense suggests increments of 10 degrees for 25% overlap )

I plan to use it with a 5d + canon 100mm macro or canon 135L or canon 200mm/2.8. Does this fit in the NN3?

Thanks in advance,