I've already detailed my situation in the "Contact Us" section, but since time is an issue, I thought I'd post here as well. Sorry if this is redundant. After doing a lot of research online I decided that the Nodal Ninja 3 panorama head was the best choice, both in features and price point, to use on an upcoming vacation (leaving June 30th). So, I purchased one through Amazon.com on June 10th (I can use "one click" ordering with them; makes it easy), thinking it would arrive in plenty of time.

However, yesterday (June 11th) I got an e-mail from them notifying me that the purchase price was being refunded to my account because: "current stock has minor defects - waiting for replacements parts (approx 1 week)."

If you could please advise if it will be possible to have this panorama head in my hands in time, and if so, what is the best procedure to insure such. Thanks; hope you can help.