Any Pano2VR users out there?
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Thread: Any Pano2VR users out there?

  1. Any Pano2VR users out there?


    Just started playing around with the pano2VR for Mac and I cannot seem to find a tutorial for this anywhere. Basically, my pano looks great until the two 'ends' meet up. They don't overlap correctly. Any ideas how to fix this?
    I know the image 'works' as I tried it with Canon's Photostitch and there was no overlapping there. Thanks!
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    Hello Rebecca,

    You sure did choose the right application for authoring your panorama images but to make an image that is suited for 360 display you need an app that can handle the 0<>360 seem of the pano properly.
    I suggest you take a look at the site of PTGui to get an idea what this app can do for you.

    There is very useful PTGui user forum in case you need some assistance.

    BTW, on the site of Pano2VR you can find some very informative video tutorials about the authoring of panoramas.
    Probably you overlooked the link:



    added link to tutorials

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    Thanks for your recommendation, much appreciated!

    I'm using Canon PhotoStitch to make the pano. It's nice and easy to use. Problem is, I have to save it as a JPEG so I can fix exposures, etc. I then need to convert the pano photo into quicktime qtrv. You only get one shot at saving with PhotoStitch, meaning I could save it as a quicktime file, but the exposures need fixing in photoshop first. I've tested it as a quicktime file (untouched) and it works great, no overlapping.

    That's why I can't figure out why there's an issue with the Pano2VR...

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    Hello Rebecca,

    If I understand it correct then your output as QTVR is fine but when saving the panorama as a "flat" JPEG image than you get parts of the image doubled at the 0 and 360 degree edge.
    I am not familiar with your stitching app, so I can't tell you if this is an error, a wrong pref setting, or a feature ;-)
    But there is a workaround.

    I suggest you save your output as QTVR in a high resolution and with a high quality JPEG compression (90-100%).
    When you drop the QTVR on the Pano2VR app, or import it in the app, then you can author the QTVR very easy.
    You can convert (save) the QTVR to cube faces, save as Flash panorama, or whatever you like to do with the panorama.

    The nice part is that the Flash and QTVR output of Pano2VR is based on 6 cubefaces and because your QTVR pano is also made out of 6 cube faces the loss in quality when converting it is almost zero.
    So QTVR can be a good base (or start) to work with Pano2VR.



    PS, there is also a fine Pano2VR forum for specific Pano2VR support:
    (choose Pano2VR 2.0 not Pano2QTVR 1x)
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    In Photoshop, you could try Filter->Other->Offset with the wrap option selected. This shifts the image sideways, reappearing on the left side as it vanishes over the right (or vice versa). This enables you to see how well the image butts together at the ends. The join should be seamless. If there is an overlap, as has been suggested, then you can crop the surplus part of the image away and easily check for a satisfactory join.

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    Thanks again for your great advice, Wim and John.

    I did end up going with PTGui as it seemed to solve the issue I was having (plus there were NO parallax errors when I used this program which the Canon software did indicate were there. Just minor errors but I thought it was my fault). I had heard good things about PhotoStitch but it is a reaaaaaallly basic program and, I suppose, not bang-on accurate as there were exposure issues as well.

    Anyway, brand-new at all this stuff so thanks again for your help. Now I just have to figure out how to make a basic 360 with PTGui without showing the dead, black sky and ground.

    Oh, and I dropped the nodalninja name in the PTGui 'how did you hear about us' box (*pats on back*) heh heh. I am so impressed with the NN.
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    Hello Rebecca,

    Good to hear that you got fine results in PTGui.
    The black upper and lower part in the panorama can be left out in the panorama when stitching (only in PTGui 8 beta) but I suggest that you skip that possibility for now and that you limit the viewing angles in Pano2VR (can be done in the Viewing parameters window).

    I think you are on the right track, success,

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    Hmmmm, interesting. Do I really need pano2VR still, now that I'm using PTGui?

    This is all still a bit of a mystery.

    Also, if you don't mind, how do I leave out the black upper and lower part of the panorama when I'm stitching it in PTGui? I thought I did but when I viewed it in quicktime, it was still there. Seems to be a simple matter of cropping it out but haven't found a way to do so.

    Thanks again.
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    Hello Rebecca,

    PTGui is basically an app for stitching the panorama.
    It can output in QTVR and some other formats (cylindrical JPEG or spherical JPEG (also named equirectangular) as well.
    You can limit the black parts of the QTVR in PTGui by setting the appropriate viewing params in the Create Panorama Tab but that's it basically.

    If you like to publish your QTVR panos then you need to embed the panorama file into a HTML webpage, this can be done easily in PLeinPot or, there we go again ;-) in Pano2VR.
    In Pano2VR you can also convert the QTVR to cube faces and that is a very handy format for retouching and adding a logo.
    Pano2VR is also a great app in case you want to make Flash based panos.

    So besides PTGui you really need other apps as well and Pano2VR is good companion.

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    Rebecca, You can adjust the vertical height of your panorama to cut out the black bits using the slider on the right of the Panorama Editor window. This is always symmetrical at top and bottom. This is generally desirable in the context of QTVR panoramas as it keeps the horizon where it needs to be: horizontal across the centre of the output area. If you generate a full 36x180 image (with dimensions in the ratio 2:1) and convert to QTVR in PTGui via Utilities->Convert to QTVR, then you can set maximum and minimum tilt angles so that the viewer cannot pan up or down into the blank areas. You can do the same in Pano2VR. There is also a free version of Pano2QTVR available, which will do many of the things you might want to do - like converting to 6 cubic tiles.

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    Great, thanks for that. I'll give it a shot tonight.
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    I'm baaaaaack. Just to say thanks again to you both for your great, great, great advice. John, that was exactly what I was trying to figure out. Wouldn't call it the most intuitive program, especially if one is new to the panoworld, but I'm figuring it out slowly.

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