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    The Thistle Chapel:

    A private chapel within St Giles Cathedral (or High Kirk of St Giles) for the member Knights of the Order of the Thistle who's membership is the personal gift of the Monarch, membership is considered to be Scotland's highest honour. Each Knight, has thier own stall in the chapel with the Monarch at the west end with the coat of arms.

    This is my 3rd attempt to photograph this chapel and I mark this down as another failed attempt. The lighting is horrendous especially when the sun shines. For this shoot I set out on a very overcast day thinking this would be ideal conditions but by the time I arrived, the sun was shining bright. Is one of those places that I will keep going back to, until I get it right (or close to it). Anyway, is my best attempt so far.

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    Not too bad to the casual observer. On the next attempt try bracketing your shots and doing the whole HDR merge thing.
    This would lighted up the darks and tone down the brights.
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    I would guess that you cloned the tiles at the nadir using the patch tool in Photoshop. As in your pano, it's apt to produce bright and dark areas at the edges. I think it's better to simply use select/copy/paste. It's also worth editing any obvious features on the tile so that the cloning is not too obvious.

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    To Bill:
    Doing the HDR thing was my original intention, though my under exposed images were virtually unusable due to the excessive noise and a rather odd colour shift, the first time I had shot at ISO 1600 and I don't think I shall be trying that again anytime soon. So is just 2 images that are merged using the Enfuse droplet (I am quite impressed with that wee program)

    To John:
    Afraid I didn't bother much with the nadir tile as it was the top images I was most concerned with. I would agree that the patch tool can cause lighter/darker areas than is desired and the select and paste method is usually better (but, then that patch tool is quicker to use).

    That particular room is quite a difficult subject and finding it free of tourists for a few minutes isn't easy which is why I shot at ISO 1600 just to greatly reduce the time spent in the room (31x3 at exposures up to 30secs = too long in the room). Fortunately, I have another difficult room closer to me that Edinburgh for me to practice in though I think 3 bracketed wont be enough. Will just need to practice more!

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    I wouldn't say that picture is bad, in fact, it feels very, very good. Sure there are a few shadows and such but no more than i would expect when standing there myself with bright sunlight shining through a window.
    Sure, hdr would improve the picture slightly and probably enhance the colours to look more like they do to the eye but it feels pretty alive to me.

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