IPIX style head thingy for FC-8e/9e:confused1:
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Thread: IPIX style head thingy for FC-8e/9e:confused1:

  1. IPIX style head thingy for FC-8e/9e:confused1:


    I was wondering if an IPIX style -- grab'em by the throat -- tripod head mounting thingy was being considered? Those lenses seem to remain really popular and useful especially as compact cameras commonly exceed 10/12 megapixels and the prospect for a 20 megapixel compact gets stronger every day.

    Anything like that in the works?

    You could just about use half an NN3 and put a throat grabber on the tilt axis and get a flexible and useful head.
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    The Nodal Ninja 180 which is under production is our answer.

    Being universal, upgradable and affordable, it is far better than the existing solutions in the market.
    The only drawback is your need to calibrate NNP of your setup. But as a bonus, it allows you to optimaize for 2-shot and 3-shot panos, NNP for which can be quite different sometimes.
    Oh, yes, we can make a "throat grabber" version for FC-e8 in the future. It will be much more compact. FC-E9 "throat grabber" version (if there will be) does not have much advantage as the lens itself is very bulky and camera is usually very long. Additional support is needed for the camera.
    We can also make accessories for NN3/5 to support FC-E8/9. But it will only be done after my very very very big projects in hand get done.


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