Being very fond of free prizes (:-) i really thought i should add a message saying i just ordered a NN5L after several hours of research (like 60 or so over the last two months), the main competition was the Manfrotto 303 Plus which would have ended at about the same price as the NN5L with shipping and everything, but the NN has the advantage of vertical shooting which the 303 SPH has at a 40% higher price. Also the NN has recieved alot of good reviews and this forum shows a great deal of interest in me as a customer so i actaully feel safer buying a NN5L from you, half a world away, than a 303 from the local reseller, 15 kilometers away.

One thing, and the main point of this message, was i found it a bit hard to order. I ended up ordering directly from nodalninja.com which was easy enough but a more local reseller would have been good. The ones in UK was about 25% more expensive, even including that i will have to pay toll fees and VAT, the Germans likewise. One Italian reseller had competitive prices but lacked in information and being that ordering from the states was only about 10% more expensive i decided better safe than sorry. Also i wasn't sure if the $50 upgrade to full NN5 would be offered to buyers from local resellers, again, better safe than sorry.

Moing along to my main point. I will definately have a talk with my usual store, one of the largest resellers of photo equipment in Sweden, Scandinavian Photo, and see if they wouldn't be interested in adding your products to their lineup. Perhaps you could contact them as well?

Their email address is info@scandinavianphoto.se, which can be found at the bottom of their site, www.scandinavianphoto.se, also their phone number is +46 36 37 68 00, which can be found at the very top and right next to the search feature on their site.

EDIT: Wrote horizontal instead of vertical by mistake.