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    Being very fond of free prizes (:-) i really thought i should add a message saying i just ordered a NN5L after several hours of research (like 60 or so over the last two months), the main competition was the Manfrotto 303 Plus which would have ended at about the same price as the NN5L with shipping and everything, but the NN has the advantage of vertical shooting which the 303 SPH has at a 40% higher price. Also the NN has recieved alot of good reviews and this forum shows a great deal of interest in me as a customer so i actaully feel safer buying a NN5L from you, half a world away, than a 303 from the local reseller, 15 kilometers away.

    One thing, and the main point of this message, was i found it a bit hard to order. I ended up ordering directly from which was easy enough but a more local reseller would have been good. The ones in UK was about 25% more expensive, even including that i will have to pay toll fees and VAT, the Germans likewise. One Italian reseller had competitive prices but lacked in information and being that ordering from the states was only about 10% more expensive i decided better safe than sorry. Also i wasn't sure if the $50 upgrade to full NN5 would be offered to buyers from local resellers, again, better safe than sorry.

    Moing along to my main point. I will definately have a talk with my usual store, one of the largest resellers of photo equipment in Sweden, Scandinavian Photo, and see if they wouldn't be interested in adding your products to their lineup. Perhaps you could contact them as well?

    Their email address is, which can be found at the bottom of their site,, also their phone number is +46 36 37 68 00, which can be found at the very top and right next to the search feature on their site.

    EDIT: Wrote horizontal instead of vertical by mistake.
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    Hi there!

    As the italian reseller for Nodal Ninja products and the worldwide customer service supervisor, here I owe a reply to you.

    First of all, I'm very sorry that you have found information available on my site lacking somewhat. We are working now to make it better: check out domain in the next few days and you will found several addtion to the product pages and enhanced resources for Nodal Ninja users. It will come a little late, but still I hope you could appreciate my efforts.

    About other local resellers, please consider that the final price is not only a matter of customs fees and VAT rates, which change for every country inside the EU. Exchange rates against the dollar and other local taxes may also do all the differences.
    The upgrade paths and trade-in policies may change for each resellers.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me anytime for any question about the products or our commercial offers.


    Mauro Contrafatto
    Customer Service Manager
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    Yes, like i said, buying from you would have been about 10% cheaper (with added global express from usa), even considering differences in exchange rate for euro and usd and that Sweden has higher VAT than Italy (i think.)

    I think i owe you an explaination on how i was thinking when deciding on where to buy.

    First off, you have two ways of selling, ebay and regular online store. The ebay price would have been about 10% cheaper or so and given that your shipping cost is the same in the regular online store, that price would have been about 5% cheaper.

    So why didn't i? Well, the ebay listing was incomplete, it lacked several of the items said to be included in the box on so i figured it was some kind of demo item sent back with a missing piece or two, at 10% off that's a no-deal for me. The regular online store was clearer, not quite as clear as, i already mentioned the upgrade to NN5 advertised, but clear enough (and cudos on having both italian and english text) but instead lacked shipping information and even though i might just as well have sent you an email or assume that you had the same shipping price as in the ebay listing you might not have and i would have ended up with a higher price. also, i considered shipping time but decided that even if you actaully had in stock like stated, the difference from usa would only be a week or two.

    One more thing that might have affected me is that i buy alot of stuff from usa and know how it works, i only bought one item from italy before, which also worked out nicely if i recall but i still know more about usa. the only thing i think you can do about others reasoning the same way is to include information on your site about how you regularly sell throughout europe or something like that. i've seen nice looking map on ebay sometimes with small pinpoints on the locations of all or at least some sells.

    I realize being a reseller is hard and italy would surely be a fine choice for purchases but i feel there could be a good idea with a reseller a little more close to home, not just for me but perhaps some of the neighbouring countries up here. ofcourse there are two in ukand two in germany but both uk have ridicilusly high prices (one of them only shipping with ups as £70 to sweden) and two in germany, one having a decent site with pretty much the same mistakes yours had plus a few more and the other one not having a nodal ninja anywhere but instead their own line of panorama heads.

    So there you have it. Whenever i need spare parts or an upgrade i'll be sure to check your site, and all the other european resellers', and if clear enough and at a price that isn't too much higher i'll be sure too choose you instead of straight from the usa.

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    Hi xtream,
    Appreciate the feedback. It is feedback like this that helps us to grow as most of our business is word of mouth. Product is one thing but support is everything and should you ever find a need we are always here.

    On pricing this is a challenging issue for the consumer/end user to fully understand (and even us). We have tried to say to tell prospective resellers early on you cannot sell for more than bla bla - but that didn't go over well and we didn't have any takers. The dynamics of pricing are complicated because of so many variables - VAT, customs fees, overheads, etc. which are different from country to country.
    Basically if their prices are too high they simply will not sell as the consumer will shop from another reseller in the region. In the end their profit margins are not as much as one would tend to think.

    With respect to other companies selling our products unfortunately we do not have the time or resources to solicit these photography stores. We are a small company and still very selective on who we let represent our product line.

    Thanks again for your valued feedback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Bailey View Post
    With respect to other companies selling our products unfortunately we do not have the time or resources to solicit these photography stores. We are a small company and still very selective on who we let represent our product line.

    Sorry to hear that. As you can tell from me ordering directly from you with all the hassle that comes with it i didn't like any of the european resellers. I checked the ones from all the major countries and none of them could compare. One of the uk resellers charged £258.44 for the NN5L, which is fair, but the only shipping option was £70 UPS. The second one required creating an account, which i'm against generally cause i already have lots and lots of accounts everywhere and try to avoid create yet more whenever i can. One of the german ones didn't even have NN on their website and the other didn't have english translations, i can handle german to some extent but their site was also a bit confusing. The last, and most promising one, was the italy reseller which i actaully was this close to order from but in the end decided against due to the inconsistencies in the information which got me thinking better safe than sorry.

    The problem here isn't me, i've already ordered mine and i'm sure im gonna be very happy with it. The problem is everyone who isn't quite as experienced with shopping from abroad or have an even bigger problem than i had deciding between NN ?§r Manfrotto and might go for theirs instead of yours.

    I understand that you can't pursue having a reseller in every country or else half of them would drop you for lack of sales, i'm just raising the issue that perhaps alot of your resellers could do a little better job. (no offence to you Mauro, i look forward to your upcoming site)

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    I understand your concerns. Because you are in Sweden you are still welcomed to buy direct from the website.
    Regardless of which reseller you buy from your purchase is guaranteed 100% and we are here for you 100% of the time. Every reseller has a return policy and you should "never" feel like your money at risk. If you buy from Joe reseller and Joe reseller decides to fly to the moon we will still back your purchase.
    Bottom line - you're considering a sizable purchase that will last you many years. If your short term"who to buy from" experience directs you buy a different product I will certainly not try to convince or further sway your judgment otherwise.
    One final thought - you might be lucky enough to win one here in our July draw.
    Good luck
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    Well, as you can see from my first post. I've already ordered a NN5L, my point was that i choose to order from around the world instead of from within the EU because none of the resellers made a very good case, except for the italian one who almost made me buy from him.
    If, in the unlikely event, i happen to win one then i'll have one for spare parts or sell or something. Although i'd much rather win an EZ-leveler instead. :-)


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