I'd love to have a NN to do panorama shots, seems like a very nice piece of equipment. One thing I always wonder about is people who use it on shots like the above one in this forum, of the ocean, with birds in it. Ummm, how? What if something moves while repositioning? With te ocean, it's always moving, so won't there always be some discontinuity from one to the next? I presume people only do it on sunny days with no clouds?

What about using wide-angle vs. std. vs. telephoto lenses for panoramas? Lets say I get a 180 degree view using 2 shots with a 90-degree wide-angle lens. Then I get effectively the same area-of-view using a whole bunch of shots with a 20-degree telephoto lens. Won't the 2 shots from the wide-angle seem kind of like, "folded", perspective wise? whereas the many telephoto will seem more natural?