Spiral in the nadir with FPP?
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Thread: Spiral in the nadir with FPP?

  1. Spiral in the nadir with FPP?


    Most of my panoramas are equirectangular. That works perfectly well with Immervision Pure player or Pano2Qtvr, but with Flash Panorama Player, the nadir looks like a spiral. Does anyone have a clue as to what causes this effect (and how I can avoid it)?

  2. Re: Spiral in the nadir with FPP?


    Since I posted this question in more than one forum, it seems appropriate to let you know about the reply I got somewhere else. There seems to be a bug in FPP with equirectangular images. I goit the advise to make panoramas using cubefaces. An annoying thing to find out after I've filled a website with 20 equirectangular panos, but at least there is a solution.


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