I am using a Markins Q3 ball head for non-pano purposes, but am looking for a way to also use it in combination with my NN5L. Because the Q3 is fitted with a QR-60 clamp, it would be nice if I could fit the same clamp to my NN5L. Question is, will I be able to mount the QR-60 clamp to the NN5L's supplied camera plate securely, i.e. without having to worry about it slipping or twisting. I could then stick a Markins plate under the NN5L's rotor and have a full, uniform Quick Release solution.


I know that a dedicated Arca-Swiss compatible clamp has been made available by Nick, but I'm still leaning towards using the QR-60 instead because this would give me the same clamp on both my Q3 ball head and the NN5L. The QR-60 also has a detent pin which, combined with a Markins plate, allows me to lock in my camera in the same position each time. I find the locking tabs on the dedicated clamp somewhat visually unappealing.

Any comments on this proposed combo?