Hi I thought I would offer up some images for advice from the panoramic experts on the site. It is a brand new area for me as I tend to specialise in wildlife and nature photography. However seeing some of the panoramas being produced has given me a push to try my hand at them.

All of the images located here http://www.photosbykev.com/wordpress...phy/panoramic/ are taken with the NN3 MkII supporting a Canon Eos 40D and 17-40mm or 10-22mm lens fitted with grad ND filters and/or polarising filters to balance out the ground/sky exposure. I tend to shoot bracketed images to maximise the dynamic range of the images. Process them in Photomatrix and then stitch in Panorama Factory v5 and then upload to my site using the Zoomify export option in Photoshop CS3. This allows me to show the full resolution of the >1Gb images without significant risk of image theft.

Any thoughts would be more than welcomed as I have a lot to learn in this genre of photography.

ps After taking receipt of the NN3 MkII I was immediately impressed by the engineering design and mechanical build quality, it has been a real pleasure to use )

Kev Lewis