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    Here is one of train station/ferry port. Although the station looks almost deserted here, it can be quite busy at times with tourists heading for Rothesay on the isle of Bute (which is on the firth of clyde, western scotland). As a child I used the station often for the annual summer holidays and there would be masses of people waiting for the next ferry over to Rothesay. Is much quieter and more peaceful now but can still get quite busy during the summer months. The photos for this pano were taken on a particularly quiet day as a fair porportion of the local population was off down south to watch a football match (that's soccer for those who don't speak english english).

    Anyway: Wemyss Bay Station: http://panocorner.com/qtvr/wemyssbay.html


    I don't get out often

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    Outstanding! You get sort of a feeling of grandeur.
    I saw the one at Inveraray Jail Courtroom - looks like your shooting didn't seem to disturb the courts.
    well done....
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    Aye, the waxwork court officials very rarely get flustered by a camera


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