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    I have a Pentax K10D, which, I see, is compatible with the NN3, but not when using the battery grip. Is this just a size/weight issue?

    I recently ran across the Panosaurus website, and Max Lyons' site, and have been considering trying this out. I've been checking out the competition.

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    Hi Ken,
    It's both a size and weight issue for NN3 MKII.
    NN5L however is built to accommodate DSLR's with battery grips.
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    Is it compatible with 35 mm battery grips. I have a Pentax zx-30 as well as new Pentax DSLR but would really like to experiment with some film.

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    DSLR and SLR's using a battery grip will not work with NN3 MKII. The rail system isn't long enough to accommodate the added dimensions.
    You could however get away with this if shooting in landscape mode (you need the Camera Plate) and mounting the camera with grip on lower rail only. In landscape configuration you can only shot single row panoramas.

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