G9, RRS L-bracket, Q-Top Quickmount, Feisol 3441 Travel tripod, upper part of the centre column used as rotator,
Camera at M, AF, one row, JPG, 80 iso, daylight etc.


01) 18498x3997 pix - 211,5Mb
02) 19360x3904 pix - 216,2Mb
03) 14130x3651 pix - 147,6Mb
04) 5807x3382 pix - 56,2Mb
05) 15764x2898 pix - 130,7Mb
06) 11825x3829 pix - 129,5Mb

At max zoom these images are not as nice as results from a dslr.
Good enough for print anyway.

The Ninja was in the bag.. :-)

Have Fun !