Hello Forum,

I hope this pano can inspire you to do more with your NN panohead.


About the gear:
I dismantled the rotator of my NN5 panohead and placed a QuickMount (upside down mounted Giottos 200) on top of the rotator and the other part of the QuickMount under the panohead's underrail.
I also mounted a QuickMount (also upside down) on top of a motorized Seitz VR Drive.

By separating the NN5 panohead from the NN5 rotator I can use the upperpart of the panohead on different types of rotators.
When I shoot on a fixed high pole (Manfrotto 269HDBU @ 7.3 m) I put the panohead (without the rotator) on the Seitz VR drive and when I shoot on a tripod, and when I prefer to travel as light as possible, then I use the NN5 rotator instead of the Seitz VR Drive. To take the shots I use a wireless remote controller whenever I can.

I like the versatile use of the NN5 a lot, for a high pole I shoot 5 images around with the panohead mounted on the Seitz VR Drive and a Canon 5D+shaved Tokina 10-17mm @14.6mm wit a downtilt -15 degree to get a nice leap in nadir.

I skip the topshot as in this kind of panos nobody is interested in the "roof" of the pano. For a high pole the camera and lens is shifted 25mm forwards out of nodal point so the front of the lens is in line with the outside of the pole.

The result of the 25 mm shift is that the footprint of the pole is very small and the nadir of the pano can be very easy retouched without using a separate nadir image.
The rail stopper on the swingarm of the panohead is very handy, within seconds I can shift the camera forwards for a pole shoot and when I have finished the pole shots then the camera is shifted back in the proper NP position just as fast.

So I use the parts of the NN5 where and when they suit me best, besides the NN5 panohead I also use a fixed bracket without a swingarm and a simple Feisol rotator without clickstops and those items can be mounted on the separated NN5 parts as well.

Hope you enjoy the pole pano,



Added brand and model of high pole