I currently have a NN sph 1-i (or maybe it's j) which worked fine with my older camera. Now that I have upgraded to a Nikon D50 and am attempting to do panoramas with the 18-55mm kit lens I've found that the upper arm isn't high enough to allow for full rotation up to get the Zenith shot. So, it looks like it's time to upgrade... What I want to know is if the newer versions of NN such as the NN3/NN3-II upper arm height is high enough to allow full rotation of the camera/lens to get the Zenith shot or if it's the same height as I have now?

I have to say that I am impressed with the quality of construction along with the ease of use when it comes to this panoramic head. I have looked at other options, but anything in the same price range just doesn't seem to stand up to this model so I plan on sticking with the NN family. If it will make my life easier to upgrade I'll save up and do that, but if I will run into the same problem, I'll stick with what I have and put the money towards a 10.5mm fisheye lens.

Thanks in advance.