I just received my new NN3+MKII. It is a nice piece of gear!
I have two cameras: Canon EOS Rebel 300D with 18-55 Canon lens and Nikon Coolpix 8800.
I tried the NN3 with the Canon first. I used the suggested settings on the NN site. The results were ok, but there was still a slight parallax when I did a 360. I also dont like having to tkae two rows to get a wide enough view (looks like I need the Sigma 8mm...)
I would like to try the Coolpix, as it has a wider wide angle, but here's the problem. There are no settings anywhere for this camera and the entrance pupil dbase listed on nodalninja.com is missing the L1 (tripod mount length) numbers.

Do I HAVE to have the T Bracket in order to make the coolpix 8800 work? If so I will order it, but then I will still need some settings - does anyone have any setting for the Coolpix 8800 - with or without the T Bracket?