Hi guys,

Thanks for the forum, it should allow me to shoot better. I bought my NN3 from France when it was just released but never had the time to really use it. I'm glad I kept it though! I knew I would put it to good use one day and enjoy it. By the way, I want to send my best regards to the guys who manufactured it and take good care of the forum and the website which are crystal clear.

Actually, I just need to know if the rail settings for a D200 with a nikkor 18-70 posted here are correct: http://www.nodalninja.com/nodal_ninj..._settings.html


lower rail: NN3 - 53
NN3 w/CP - 63
NN5 w/CP - 59.5

Upper rail: 83.5

What's w/CP ?


Thank you fellas!

'Hope I can feed you with some Paris' panoramics.