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with the D8 and D12 rotators you have very interesting products!

The only problem I see is to make these fit in an Arca Swiss environment.

It must be possible to mount an Arca clamp on top of the rotators, and
the most common screw to do this is 3/8". Your M6 socket seems to be
a problem at this point.

To mount a rotator on top of an Arca Swiss compatible ballhead, you need
a plate under the rotator. The most elegant way to do this seems something
like the RRS Dovetail mount for the PCL-1 clamp (PCL-DVTL). Is it possible
to you make your rotator compatible (2 sockets) with the (pricey) PCL-DVTL,
or invent your own solution?

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The advanced rotators are members of our new product lines, Nodal Ninja Ultimate (NN UL). The NN UL is our dream product and features highest quality standard from Fanotec--all precision CNC machined from premium quality material. It is based on Arca Swiss compatible system to give the best versatility and functionality. More components will be released later this year including AS QR clamp made for the rotators. Do give us some time as ours hands are full at the moment.