I just couldn't bring myself to the nearly $1000 with all the bells. I decided to put together my own. I have the shop with all the tools to do this. I was in the process of ordering materials and some off the shelf parts when I found the NN 3 mkII. I put all my material purchases on hold and did some quick cost analysis.

The result: I can't even buy the materials for an indexed head nodal panoramic head for what I just paid for the NN 3 mkII. Thats not counting what my time is worth to do all the machine work to put one together. For example the Manfrotto 300n indexing head currently sells for $180. Then you need 3 sliding rails and another way to index the upper head for multi-row panographs.

PS I used to do all this in the old days with a tripod with 360 degree markings and a long long long.... time in the darkroom !

Thanks for a great product(NN 3 mkII), digital camera's, and pano software.

I be posting photos soon.