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    Just bought a NN5L and want to use my 24-70 canon lens on the 5D, does someone know what would be the top arm measurements used for say 24 mm / 50 mm and 70 mm as I have read these measurements would not be the same that is use for say a 50mm lens focal length 50mm or say a 17-40 mm lens focal length set at 40 mm

    thanks in advance.


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    It'll be best to find the settings yourself. This way you'll become familiar at how to find the NPP for every focal range.

    There are various ways.

    Try these two...


    You will become proficient with these techniques and you'll be able to find the NPP for most lenses.


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    Thanks for that great info, looks like I have a busy weekend coming up.
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    Ok after going through that exercise I came up with these settings using the canon 24-70 lens on a 5D

    @24 mm 149
    @50 mm 117
    @70 mm 120

    Can anyone confirm these numbers?


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