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    Great to see a forum dedicated to Nodal Ninja users, well done.

    I've had my NN3 Mk1 for a while now and am loving it, thought I'd share some panoramas.

    This one was taken around the Manukau Harbour looking west toward the heads.
    I took it shortly after getting the NN3 late last year, comprises 8 shots stitched using Photoshop CS3.
    I had it printed and mounted as a christmas present for my wife. printed size 1700mm x 500mm

    This is more recent and a work in progress..... taken at Karekare beach, west of Auckland


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    Well these are a couple of great panoramas - I particularly like the colors you caught in the sunset.
    OK so the thread is almost 2 years old - what makes this thread unique is that it had over 700 page views and no comments.
    Shows people like to browse the galleries at least.

    A very late "well done".
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    welcome to the forum amte and some nice work there
    cheers don
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    I also like the colours in the sunset Olddawg aka Paul

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