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  1. My first Pano


    Hi all,

    Just teasing people who are looking for NN3 result, here's the very first pano I do the day I revceive my NN3 :

    That's beautiful isn't it ?

    Thanks to Fanotec team for this great but affordable NN3 !!

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    Wow. That looks fantastic!
  3. Re: My first Pano


    Hi Pep - excellent work - you're off to a good start.
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    Great photo!!!!

    Do you remember what lens, how many pictures, and did you use multiple rows to get this photo?

    Can't wait for mine to show up.

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    Sorry for late answer.
    I use my 400D with TAMRON 17-50 f2.8.
    I do 2 rows of 10 pictures ... yes it's more high definition picture than pano

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    Very nice pano. Great job with the lighting and angels as well.

    What did you use to stitch that together?!

    John in Sunnyvale, CA
    NN3, D300, Toys.
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    beautiful indeed pep, I've shot in church's before and am surprised the ceiling is so bright.

    keep up the good work,

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    beautiful shot
    I just received my NN and was wondering if you could help me calculating the nodal point for the tamron 17-50 lens

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