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Thread: Software recommendations

  1. Software recommendations


    Great work out there! What software are you using. I have used Stitcher Unlimited 5.5 and finished the PSD off in CS3 with autoblend. I also have used photomerge auto or linear in CS3. My preference is Stitcher. Thoughts anyone?

    Harvey (more being added)
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    I just added a post in my thread in the NN5 forum about this. I just have straight photoshop, and the automerge does a good job on normal to telephoto stitches, but doesn't do well with wide shots. I'm probably going to a PTGui Pro for my stitching needs.
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    I believe a popular choice amongst many is PTGui. Slight learning curve but you'll find many tutorials and others using it.
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    I have only used autostitch with very good results for the "mosaic" type of panos. It is also attractively priced.

    Neal W.

    Equipment being used.....NN3, EZ Leveler, Nikon D50, Sigma 10-20 Other Nikno Glass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow View Post
    I have only used autostitch with very good results for the "mosaic" type of panos. It is also attractively priced.
    hmm - seems to be down. Curious if autostitch allows for manual adjustment of control points.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Bailey View Post
    Curious if autostitch allows for manual adjustment of control points.
    Bill, Autostitch is a simple demo product with very few features. JPEG in and out, equirectangular output format only. Fisheyes not supported. No access to control points. For all that, it's an effective automatic stitcher that's simple to use, but there's little you can do if it fails to stitch your images adequately. The basic stitching engine is incorporated in Autopano Pro, which has many more features and allows a lot more control, though it's still basically an easy-to-use automatic stitcher.

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    Hey John,
    First let me say welcome to the forum!
    I kind figured that about autostitch but wasn't sure. We have seen hardly anyone coming to us saying they use this software so wouldn't imagine it to be widely distributed but could be wrong.
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    I like using PTGUI Pro as the main stitching software. Photoshop CS3 for combining multiple shots for the base to eliminate the tripod before stitching in PTGUI Pro. If any final retouching is needed, that is also done in Photoshop CS3. If needed, I will use cubic converter and cubic connector to create a final QTVR to be prepared for web on Pleinpot.

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    i used ptmac for quite some time with good results, i'm currently evaluating bott ptgui and autopano pro. i find myself shooting
    more and more bracketed sets with my panos and i hope that one of them can deliver a reasonable workflow for assembling
    panos from bracketed image set. they have evaluation packages. give them a try.

    -- michael
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    I settled on PTAssembler. never felt the need to change... it works every time for me.

    Perhaps not as popular as PTGui but I think it is more about what you start off with.
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    Havin testing many softwares last tree months, my top 3 is:
    * PTGui Pro
    * Autopanopro
    * Hugin

    I finally decide for PTGui. It's not the easyest to learn but results are really good and HDi si so easy..

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    I've been using PTGui (Mac and PC) for a while and after getting a nice light tripod, I've been taking more panos and it's serving me well.

    I've tried a bunch of others but the options of PTGui (especially its HDR support) won me over despite its limited ui (though I hear there's a new version-- haven't downloaded it yet).

    Curious if folks can comment on the "extra" programs which can be plugged in-- enblend, etc.?

    Anyway, just got here and am psyched to dig through the archives...
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    PTGui can use Embled, Smartblen as pluggin. Enfuse should come soon

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    PTGui V7.8 already has the enfuse option built in.

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