1st Panorama Shot With My NN5L
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Thread: 1st Panorama Shot With My NN5L

  1. 1st Panorama Shot With My NN5L


    This is my first panorama shot with my new NN5L. Setup consists of a Nikon D70, 10.5 Fisheye Lens, Nodal Ninja 5 Lite panoramic head, Manfrotto 438 Ball Camera Leveller, and a Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod. The panorama represents the beginning of the Worcestershire Way in Malvern, Worcestershire, my entry for the World Wide Panorama, Beginnings event.


    The NN5L worked flawlessly, with each click stop leaving you feeling positive that the camera was pointing in the right direction.

    Bob Bilsland.
  2. Re: 1st Panorama Shot With My NN5L


    Bob, Glad to hear you're getting on well with the NN5. Nice panorama, but I would like to see it properly levelled. There's no shortage of vertical features to assign t1 points on for levelling. As it is, they sway annoyingly from side-to-side as the panorama is rotated.

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    Yes I missed that bit, I was concentrating too much on editing the tripod and shadow out. I had checked most things were vertical, but on one side it goes slightly wrong. Something to remember for next time.

    Bob Bilsland.

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