NN3 has been upgraded and improved with a newer rotator and detent rings.

Improvements include:
* No inner lock screw, tension is easily adjusted by simply tighten the upper knob.
* Inner ball bearing replaces detent pin. This allows for a more positive feel and increased wear.
* Rubberized metal knurled knobs. This not only allows for a better gripping but also creates a better feel and enhanced look.

We will be selling the lower rotator assembly separately for current owners of NN3 (first edition) with an estimated website price of $40. This will replace the upper and rotator knobs. The newer MKII detent rings are not interchangable. You will note by the image of the lower rail of the MKII the design as changed slightly as well and with the rings themselves. You will however be able to use your original rings as you are not changing the lower rail.