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R1 nodal point on my samyang 8mm V2

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  • R1 nodal point on my samyang 8mm V2

    Hi everyones,
    i just fit my new R1 on my samyang 8mm V2 and what a surprise that i'm on the max edge of the R1... its that normal?
    Here the pict of my 8mm lens on my Nikon :

    Thanks for your help


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    I don't have the NPP setting. Is your setting right? What is your shooting interval? it maybe better to tilt up at 5 degrees.
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      My lens ring for a Samyang 8 mm on an R1 is slightly different to yours as the ring is wider towards the lens, but otherwise the geometry is the same and I have the center mark on the mount at the 2.2 cm mark on the foot of the ring for shooting with an FX body.
      I take 4 shots round at +7.5 which fills the zenith nicely and leaves a hole at the nadir, which is inside the tripod and mount.
      I use PTGui to stitch the images and usually get a "very good" with this set up.


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        Just a thought...
        Your photo shows the lens hood on and I am wondering if you shoot like this as I remove the lens hood for my FX body, but PTGui does not recognise this so I have to always remember to adjust the "Crop" when stitching the images.


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          thanks for you answers. Yes indeed i removed the hood, of course.
          Well i tried your 2.2cm position, and it works (a bit) better on ptgui.. But is that strange that my nodal point on my previous position 3.8mm was good?
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            The measurement on the scale for the lens ring does depend on the angle of tilt of the lens.
            My value of 2.2 is with the lens at +7.5.
            On the R1 the vertical rotation point is some 72mm below the principal ray of the lens for the Samsung 8mm so tilting the lens by 7.5 moves the NPP by some 9.5mm, so the difference on the scale between the lens at -7.5 and +7.5 is 19mm.
            Are you tilting the lens away from the horizontal and if so how much as it will be possible to calculate the difference from my 2.2 setting?

            I have added some information on:
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