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Several Questions about R20 and Samyang Ring

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  • Several Questions about R20 and Samyang Ring

    I'm using the F6524 (R20) and the F6524 Samyang Ring (Canon Mount Samyang 8mm F3.5) on a crop sensor and had a few questions. I'm trying to be able to do Google 360 images with this setup.

    1. I can't find any directions for my exact ring. But it appears that I should be mounting it between the focus ring and the Fstop ring correct?

    2. It appears that I should be turning the camera on its side in order to get enough above and below to get 360. Is that correct? Or should the camera be with its bottom toward the ground? EDIT: Through trial & error landscape doesn't work FOR SURE for a 360 pano.

    3. Even in Portrait, I cannot take a series of shots that don't have a nadir hole at the top.I've adjusted anywhere between 3.5 to 0.925 and still a small hole. I'm using Panorama Studio Pro to stitch and setting the focal length to 12.8 as I'm on a Canon crop sensor (even trying to tweak focal length in the software doesn't really help, and anything other than 12.8 starts to show alignment issues between shots.

    4. Finally, where should the lens ring be on the R20 so that images stitch together ok? All the directions I've seen thus far are using the thicker ring that attaches to the focus ring, but mine is much thinner and attached at a different place and I don't see directions for that ring anywhere (unless I'm just missing it). EDIT: Best info I've found so far is 0.925 from here:

    So my R20 came with a 4 detent ring, but 4 shots don't have enough overlap, I've started doing 8 shots which seems to work much better.

    I really need to figure this out because I've got some shoots coming up and I want to use this new setup rather than my old one which doesn't produce the results I'm going to need for the job I have coming up.

    I'm attaching some photos so you can see the way I've got it setup right now.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    You might have confused Sigma 8mm F3.5 with Samyang 8mm F3.5. They are completely different lenses with different optical property. Samyang 8mm is more like a 10mm fisheye. You need a full frame camera in order to take 4 shots around for spherical pano on Samyang 8mm.
    On 1.6x senso, you can roll the camera to 30 degree from vertical and take 8 shots around to complete the sphere. You can change the rotator mini or its detent ring, or change the lens and ring.
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