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R10 settings for sigma 8mm canon full frame (3 shots) with 0 tilt?!?

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  • R10 settings for sigma 8mm canon full frame (3 shots) with 0 tilt?!?

    Hi all,

    Just purchased a second-hand R10 and I thought about using it on a 0 tilt as I found the nadir hole too big with the 7.5 tilt. I'll be using it on a full frame canon camera so I want to be able to take full 360 panos with 3 shots only. To make the nadir hole smaller, I set up my R10 to a 0 tilt - the first tests were great!

    My question is:

    Does anyone know the best settings for a R10 with 0 tilt for using with the sigma 8mm 3.5 canon (full frame - 3 shots)??

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello Fellipe,

    I use a Nikon FX on an R1 at +7.5 and find that the hole at the nadir is smaller than the pano head, so not a problem.
    This always gives me a good stitch in PTGui, but if I shoot at 0 I found that I would sometimes get problems at the zenith.
    I shoot 4 shots round although I could get away with 3 because I find the extra overlap very useful for Control Point generation and using the Mask tool if there is movement between shots.
    Movement can be such things as people, vegetation or clouds.

    The setting is only related to the lens and not the camera body as the NPP (No Parallax Point) is a function of the lens.
    Please look at:
    for a diagram of the pattern of rays entering a Sigma 8 mm f3.5 Fisheye lens.
    It is normal to setup the lens with the NPP for the rays at the "join" between the images so for 4 shots round you are looking at around 2 mm in front of the gold ring and for 3 shots round something like 5 mm in front of the gold ring, so this should give you a good starting point.
    Note that this is not critical unless your subject is close to the camera.

    One important thing to remember with the Sigma 8 mm is to remove both parts of the lens hood.

    Hope this helps, Hugh.


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      Hi Hugh,

      First, thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

      After reading about your exeprience I decided to recheck if I got everything perfectly setup. After taking everything apart I'm back with the 7.5 tilt with a much smaller nadir hole. It seems I didn't set up the lens ring at the correct point (anchot point).

      I liked the idea to still shoot 4 pics instead of 3 to have more room for post processing. Thanks for pointing that out too!

      All the best!