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Shooting equirectangular panorama with R20

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  • Shooting equirectangular panorama with R20

    I'm using the R20 with an 8mm Samyang and Canon 760d to shoot Google virtual tours. I stitch the panoramas using Autopano Giga, use spherical projection without any crop. I then use auto-fill with content in Photoshop to fill in the top of the image.

    I know that the R20 does not allow a full 180 vertical view but when I put the stitched panorama into Google Maps, there is a very large nadir hole and a small zenith, even though I filled in the top of the panorama.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of how i can fill in the nadir using a blur and pinching type effect..? Is a logo to patch the Nadir acceptable for Google? And why is there still a zenith hole even after I fill it in?

    Have tried to attach image but it's not uploading. Is someone willing to look at the image for me and make suggestions?

    Thanks for your help
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    Check that your equirectangular panorama image has pixel dimensions exactly in the ratio 2:1 - eg. 6000x3000. By all means upload the image to (free service - no need to register) and post a link here.