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R1 w/RD5 Adj.Tilt ring on a 10mm fisheye Sigma

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  • R1 w/RD5 Adj.Tilt ring on a 10mm fisheye Sigma

    Hello, I recently bought the R1 w/RD5 Adj.Tilt ring for my 10mm fisheye Sigma. I have followed the instructions on mounting the ring but it is too close to the focus af/mf button and does not let me switch af/m .

    Any suggestion on how to solve this issue?


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    Is this something you really need to do? Panoramas can generally be shot with a fixed focus setting. The depth of field with a 10mm fisheye lens is so large that one focus setting can be used for virtually all panoramas. I have my 8mm Sigma fisheye taped so that its 1m focus setting cannot be accidentally changed. You can use one of the online hyperfocal distance calculators to determine the approximate focus setting needed, but fine tune this with some test shots to find the optimum position. Note that with these calculators, subject distances are measured from the focal plane marker on the camera body (a small circle with a line through it).


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      Thank you for your reply John. I have been practicing with a manual focus 8mm Samyang, Im able to manually focus. With this new lens (sigma 10mm) I do like the auto-focus feature and when I focus, I zoom in just to be double sure is correct and then I proceed to switch to Manual focus to shoot a panorama.

      If possible, I would like to keep the focus button free/available to use while using the R1, I hope that there is a possibility.



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        Here is a reference.
        Click image for larger version

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